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, Ltd. of EECS The Directional Coupler A directional coupler is a 4-port network that is designed to divide and distribute power. Internal view of a typical coaxial coupler Figure 3. 8 shows, simulated results predict reflection (S 11) and isolation (S 41) levels of better than 15 dB for more Waveguide Multimode Directional Coupler for Harvesting Harmonic Power from the Output of Traveling-Wave Tube Amplifiers Rainee N. 1. Figure 1 contains a preliminary block diagram of the proposed beacon receiver for each Earth station. The RSIW directional coupler (Fig. On one graph for each of these devices, plot the phase of the coupled and A 94 GHz antenna-coupled directional coupler modulator was initially demonstrated using an old modulator chip from Finbar Sheehy. from network analyzer measurements. With a split electrode on top of the waveguide, this Δβ-reversal structure enables us to adjust the splitting ratio via two control voltages. 6. Schematic experimental setup for the fabrication of fused fibre directional. Abstract: In this paper a method of Some experiment results are shown. Passive PT directional coupler Experiment measurable--- Output Power Supermode at z (above phase transition) Lossless Loss Input. 9. Forward wave Sampled wave Through wave Isolated wave 12 3 4 Figure 1 - Directional coupler model. With an optocoupler, the only contact between the Directional couplers are four-port circuits where one port is isolated from the input port. of EECS . Measure the characteristics of a Directional Coupler. Diode detector waveforms at BEC outputs. Comparisons of theoretical results with experimental ones for acoustic waveguides and directional coupler structures confirm the applicability of the model. Directional couplers find many applications. Above experiment can be verified at different frequencies. Based on this design, the design theory of the proposed dual-band 180 coupler is presented. B. such as microwave oscillator, directional couplers, attenuators etc. In Waveguides: The Cross Directional Coupler. Therefore, great interest and special effort have been directed to the development of different types of directional coupler for different applications [2]. The new design method is shown to be effective and accurate. Abstract: A systematic study of directional coupling in dual- and multi-core microstructure fibers is presented. A directional coupler is a linear device which is used to transfer light from one waveguide to another. 5. 24, No. 1-5 As Fig. Thus, it makes sense to follow Coupler (piping), also called a (joist) short length of pipe with two female threads Coupler, a device used on a pipe organ or harpsichord to allow a player to play multiple divisions at once, by means of "coupling" a division to another at either sub, super, or octave pitches Abstract: The simulation of a symmetrical, graded-index waveguide directional coupler as a wavelength multiplexer-demultiplexer using the effective index method is presented. The microwave an-tenna is a rounded rod that couples into the electric field of the cavity. Unlike the original HOM experiment, however, this experiment uses a plasmonic directional coupler in lieu of a beam splitter. E. Figure 1. Experimental Results . The practical implementation of the directional coupler depends on the particular type of waveguides used. An example of a coupler design and comparison between theory and experiment is presented in section III. II THEORY Figures 8 and 9 show that the directional coupler meets the design requirements. Measuring the VSWR of an Antenna Tutorial the directional coupler is the dual directional coupler; this device is functionally identical to the directional coupler, except that it isolates both the forward and reverse waves, routing them to separate ports on the device. for Directional Coupler , Rf Directional Coupler , LTE Directional Coupler , invite all intrigued buyers to go to our web page or call us instantly for further more info. 130" profile facilitates integration with hermetic packages using silver epoxy, solder or wire bonding attachment methods. Experiment 3. bi-directional coupler Another name for a 4-port coupler; that is, a single coupler having no internal termination. directional coupler, they will be transferred to the different outputs of the device. A directional coupler is a 4-port network that is  Power dividers and directional couplers are passive devices used mostly in the field of radio technology. Their low 0. To understand the need for a directional coupler, we provide a diagram of a UWB radar system with a single antenna, shown in Figure 2. For this part, you are going to use the network analyzer to measure the coupling, isolation, insertion loss and return loss of a ZABDC10-25HP-S Mini-Circuits bi-directional coupler. Figure 2. coupler is composed of a multimode fiber that is weakly fused with a phase matched . Afterwards, the obtained results will be used to design a lattice filter circuit. 4. 2. The directional coupler used will be considered to have high directivity to  For avoiding such an intrusion, a microstrip directional coupler is used, which is Experimental high-voltage tests with generator windings were also performed. However the fourth port is terminated with a Abstract: An original wideband two-layer substrate integrated waveguide directional coupler is presented. It is shown that such a device is behaving like a band-reject as well as a band-pass filter depending on the distance between the fiber and the slab. An Improvement of Coupling Coefficient for Weakly Coupled . Compared to a splice or Can you have a well matched directional coupler (D. dual-directional units, and combination types. The structure provides attractive features including a flexible design with a wideband coupling and independent control of the transmission phase for arbitrary coupling levels. A 250-GHz corrugated transmission line with a directional coupler for forward and backward power monitoring has been constructed and tested for use with a 25-W continuous-wave gyrotron for dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) experiments. C. These consists of a section of Wave guide with addition of a second parallel section of wave guide thus making it a four port network. It represents a special type of waveguide   This laboratory experiment builds on the microwave power detection dual- directional couplers and diode detectors to develop basic measurement equipment. Try and find a directional coupler that works over the frequencies that you are interested in. F. In most cases, a suitable coupler can be designed using the simple theory pre- sented in this Receiver Design. And a new modulator experiment was constructed and many aspects of the experimental apparatus were optimized. A. Directional Coupler Theory and Definitions When power is introduced at the input port, all of the power appears at the output port except for the portion intended to be sampled. 31 The diagnostics for this experiment are challenging be- April 1, 1999 / Vol. 2 Using a tank circuit in experiments . Coaxial directional couplers are offered for use at fre-quencies from 100 kHz to 50 GHz, and can be obtained with any of the standard or precision miniature coaxial Figure 1. Another way to check is to use a HIGH POWERED signal from a Transceiver, make sure to use the least amount of power, and make sure that your dummy-loads are capable of dissipating that amount of power without disintegration. of Kansas Dept. Shankar, Michael Hatridge, Luigi Frunzio, Robert Schoelkopf, and Michel Devoret† Department of Applied Physics, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut 06520, USA (Received 25 November 2013; published 22 April 2014) Linear Optical Directional Coupler Modulator A DISSERTATION SUBMITTED TO THEFACULTY OF THE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA BY Jaesang Oh IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY Anand Gopinath and James Leger December, 2010 A 94 GHz antenna-coupled directional coupler modulator was initially demonstrated using an old modulator chip from Finbar Sheehy. Note down the reading on VSWR meter, if required change the position Range dB Switch. The main parameters of the 3D directional coupler such as the interaction length, coupling ratio, coupling position, and cascade numbers can be easily adjusted. Directional coupler tends to be used for 4-port devices that are only loosely coupled – that is, only a small fraction of the input power appears at the coupled port. a directional device that can discriminate between forward and reverse travelling waves is necessary. The agreement between the simulated and experimental data is  May 24, 2017 In coupled line directional couplers, power from one line to another is For coupled line coupler, if the voltage coupling factor is 0. The beamsplitter thickness and index of refraction determine the degree of reflective coupling from the main I then experimented with the directional coupler. Directional coupler is the four-port network which can be implemented in many different forms, including waveguide, hybrid junction and branch line coupler [6]. 10. ’ resonance heating (ECRH) in the Levitated Dipole Experiment is an important tool that will tailor the plasma profiles. RF directional coupler basics tutorial RF directional couplers are passive devices that couple power travelling through the device to another port enabling the signal to be used in another circuit. The microwaves are fed into a cavity wave meter which contains a directional coupler The 3D directional coupler was fabricated with commercially available UV-curable epoxies by combining the use of a needle-type liquid micro-dispenser and a 3-axis robot stage. A microstrip branch-line coupler is shown in Figure 2(b). A small fraction of it goes out through port 4. . The structure of proposed dual-band 3dB 180 directional coupler. I tried to verify the directional coupler at a spot frequency using a power source and yet another directional coupler to give me constant incident power. The directional coupler linked above is matched to a 50ohm characteristic impedance. It's not defined by the outcome. Considerations for quality assurance Assurance contents We guarantee 2 year after service from the date of purchasing this product. The key advantage of an optocoupler is the electrical isolation between the input and output circuits. Experiment: Part B - Waveguides (2 Hours) The equipment consists of a Gunn diode microwave source and a PIN diode acting as a modulator as set up in the diagrams below. We love to share our knowledge in our directional coupler tutorials. A directional coupler is a four port device that samples the signal on a through line, but in a way that discriminates between forward and reverse traveling waves. dual directional coupler The combination of two 3-port couplers having their main lines cascaded, and their internally DUAL DIRECTIONAL COUPLERS Dual directional couplers (see Figure 4) are four port networks that are distinguished from the bi-directional types in that dual directional couplers are two indepen-dent four port networks connected in series. fo = C/λo => C  directional coupler has a directivity of more than 30 dB and is adequate for PCS monitored with simulations and experiments, and the factors to directivity are  3. Veltchev and J. In this experiment, tapering was stopped at the point of maximum power  The optical fibre directional coupler is the guided wave equivalent of a bulk optic . A schematic diagram of a dual-directional coupler is shown below, with the input/output ports labeled. 13. Riberio 1,2 and W. The main corrugated line (22-mm internal diameter, 2. 3 with Detector Mount to the auxiliary port 3 and Matched Termination to port 2, without changing the position of Variable Attenuator and Gain Control Knobs. The forward travelling wave goes into port 1 and exit from port 2. with 50dB attenuated monitoring port) between the Transmitter output and the Probe input port while the NMR experiment is running and monitor the wave forms real time when the NMR experiment is on? Then the actual conditions when the arcing occurs during the experiment can be monitored. Two different concepts need to be differentiated: the cabling and the 2. Although this would seem to be a particularly mundane and simple task, these devices are both very important in microwave systems, and very The model of a directional coupler is shown in Figure 1. According to the experimental data and their best fit, in our case such  experimental variables with a best average R 2 of 0. The effects of different combinations of pulse lengths and powers will be examined in terms of electron For demonstration, a 45-dB L band coaxial–coplanar waveguide directional coupler was designed and verified by test. MODEL GAME: you measured in Laboratory Procedure 3, show plots for the directional coupler and quadrature hybrids of the coupled signal, transmitted signal, isolated signal, and VSWR versus frequency. Four port directional coupler Figure 1 Operation diagram of directional coupler where pinc is the incident power at the input port, pcp is the coupled power, Directivity - Directiviiy of a directional coupler is defined as the ratio, ex-pressed in decibels, of the power output in the coupled auxiliary arm to the power Directional couplers are four-port circuits where one port is isolated from the input port. experiment. Experimental evidence of modal properties using directional couplers in silicon-on-insulator - art. and suggestions what experiments to pursue will be given at the end in section 6. Published in: ICMMT 4th  Two Sections With Identical k's . Also, I notice the directional coupler inverts the reflected signal. The microwave delivered from source is adjusted to the power infused by attenuator, and pour in the decanting point of effecter via directional coupler, then the couple signal created by directional coupler is input to the recording instrument after detecting by detector, finally the power of effecter is obtained. Kuester Electromagnetics Laboratory Department of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering 425 UCB University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado 80309-0425 c 2017 by Zoya Popovi´c and Edward F. FIG. In high-power gyrotron  experiments are applications of the theory provided to students in a separate and . 0 to 6. What is loss in directional coupler? is largely up to you but must be determined before you conduct your experiment, not after. Diagram of a typical coaxial directional coupler Figure 2. Some general applications for directional couplers include line monitoring, power measurements and load source isolators. 8 is a top plan view of the microstrip, microwave directional coupler in accordance with an example of the present invention such as shown by the schematic circuit diagram of FIG. 1 Required Equipment . It is intended to allow forward and reflected signals to be sampled simultaneously. We are dedicated to supply you high quality products with reasonable price. The design considerations in terms of the parameters associated with the fabrication of the device are considered. . no. The cross directional coupler is a special type of directional coupler. of Kansas. 8. Model 6000 series Multihole directional couplers are useful for sampling a part of Microwave energy for monitoring purposes and for measuring reflections and impedance. An optocoupler (or an optoelectronic coupler) is basically an interface between two circuits which operate at (usually) different voltage levels. offers the quality assurance for this product. 3 Directional coupler . The construction and details of the ECRH system will be discussed and initial experimental results will be presented. MTS 7. Note that Also, the network analyzer in the laboratory can read VSWR directly. The diode detector was The cross directional coupler is an arrangement of two waveguides, which are connected together with coupling holes. Two Sections With Different k's. 1. 3, uses crossed corrugated waveguides that are split along a diagonal of the crossed waveguide intersection to accommodate a beam-splitter. net A directional coupler is used to sample the RF energy travelling in a transmission line – useful for Another important Directional Coupler parameter is Directivity. 1 and the  Real time measurement of VSWR with directional couplers. Directional Couplers and Hybrids Directional couplers and hybrids are used in a variety of important applications at microwave frequencies. Power dividers and directional couplers are in all essentials the same class of device. testing bi-directional coupler. A peculiar bug with the chip was uncovered. In determining length of the directional coupler, in order to have better coupling, we should have a design frequency and arrange the length accordingly. Three Section Directional Coupler. Nowadays, these components are essential to all communication systems as they play some SWR don't need to remove from transmission line, this is in-line type SWR, most of this SWR is base on some directional coupler method. S. 586 at a high model coefficient variance (a~), C1373 1. 15. Directional couplers are passive reciprocal networks, which you can read more about on our page on basic network theory. An popular classify is based on what kind of bridge it use, ie, the resistance bridge, Tandem bridge SWR, Bruene bridge SWR, etc. Model 6000 series Multihole directional couplers are useful for sampling a part . 1 Operating principleof directional coupler type optical switch We propose an optical switch consisting of a directional coupler as shown in Figs. Insert the Directional Coupler as shown in Fig. The cross directional coupler Fundamentals General properties of waveguide (directional) couplers Experiment 5 from MTS 7. g. 4-m long However, as it can be seen from Figure 1 directional coupler has an important parameter, length. 2 In order to run a proton ERETIC experiment, two SGU's are needed: one for regu-lar 1H signal generation and observe (SGU2) and the other one for the ERETIC signal generation. Experiment 9: Microwave Directional Couplers and Hybrids 1. A diode detector was connected to directional coupler #l, and its voltage measured on an oscilloscope. 7. and directional coupler etc. Bi-directional couplers in the CRZ-B CaseFree series are size and process compatible with MMIC and other similar sub-miniature components. Study of Microwave components (Magic T, Directional Coupler, Isolater, Circulator) (AE 675 ) EXPERIMENTS : • To Study Magic Tee, Directional Couplers,  some directional bridge might be good performance but building them is challenge, like sloted line coupler(<<Radio handbook>>) or the left picture *(from  . Mar 11, 2015 In our experiments we used the following equipment: . Jim Stiles. Conclusion A brief description of a cross-guide coupler model was presented. Influence of a directional coupler’s parameters on the results of forward and reflected power measurements White Paper Products: ı BBA150 R&S ® ı R&S ®BBL200 A directional coupler is typically used to make nonintrusive measurements of the output power of an Directional, bi-directional, dual-directional and RF Taps; over 475 models with power handling from 0. G. 3-5. Index Terms—Directional couplers, integrated optics, optical. 9 Aim of the Experiment: 1. 14. Measuring the Performance of a Mini-Circuits Coupler. Bogaerts 1,2 1 Ghent University - IMEC, Photonics Research Group, Department of Information Technology, Ghent, Belgium 2 Center for Nano -and Biophotonics (NB Photonics), Ghent, Belgium We review here the operation of UWB HV directional couplers and their figures of merit. The terminations and coupler are from the same manufacturer. This paper describes theory and experiment concerning some simple directional couplers made with plastic-clad fibers for the use in optical data bus systems. The basis of a VSWR meter is a directional coupler. TO STUDY DIRECTIONAL COUPLER CHARACTERISTICS . doc 1/11 Jim Stiles The Univ. Here, Directivity is defined as the coupling from the OUT-to-REF ports minus the coupling from IN-to-REF ports. 7 is a schematic circuit diagram of a microstrip, microwave directional coupler in accordance with an example of the present invention. 7 Suppose you make a measurement with dual directional coupler terminated with a short, the coupler  Microwave Engineering Directional Couplers - Learn Microwave Engineering in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples  Aug 9, 1999 The directional couplers offered by Mini-Circuits are designed for both The basic function of a directional coupler is to operate on an input so  The device couples part of the transmission power by a specific factor through one port. Khan, 1,2 A. 5 or the bibliography provided there), we obtain the following scattering matrix for the ideal waveguide coupler. 3. 1 Introduction. Try and find a directional coupler that works over the frequencies that you are  We present a bi-conical optical directional coupler composed of solid and The experimental results illustrated that the sensor offers a sensitivity of volts per  Dec 12, 2002 a directional coupler to measure the incident and reflected waves. Simons and Edwin G. 6. are investigated. mode-selective directional couplers using the analogy between the coupling between guides with slots and digital filters. One such directional device1 is a directional coupler (Fig. 4/20/2010 The Directional Coupler. 9GHz. 7 / OPTICS LETTERS 475 Directional coupler with soliton-induced waveguides Song Lan, Eugenio DelRe,* Zhigang Chen,† Ming-feng Shih,‡ and Mordechai Segev** Department of Electrical Engineering, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey 08544 Received November 2, 1998 We demonstrate a directional coupler that employs two waveguides induced by two mutually W AVE P ROPAGATION II P AGE-2 R. 5 GHz! Transformer-based, LTCC, stripline/microstrip, bridge, and MMIC designs to a new experiment station. This probe is essentially a receiving antenna which picks up the transverse component of the propagating electric field at that particular position. IV. Tutorials about Directional Couplers. 2. Three specific examples have demonstrated good agreement between experiment and theory. I'm using a directional coupler for a radar application using frequencies of 5. Directional Coupler #4 Fig. They couple a defined amount of the electromagnetic  Feb 24, 2018 Keywords: coupled lines; directional coupler; motion detection systems. Directional Coupler Spectrometer hardware 2. A power meter connected at PREF was set to 0 dB. In principle, the splitting ratio of our coupler and the phase difference between the transmitted and reflected waves both depend on frequency, and this dependence could play a role in the theory of our measurement. Establish the analog link as suggest in experiment shown in figure with input. 61250N the results of the directional coupler experiment are A photonic wire-based Download Citation on ResearchGate | Real time measurement of VSWR with directional couplers | In this paper a method of measuring VSWR is introduced and discussed. Use of the Directional Coupler and Ratio Meter to construct a Scalar Network Analyzer for measuring the The shopper satisfaction is our primary focus on. Two couplers may be used: one for each direction, or one may be used and this can be switched. In this method, first, the power The coupling coefficient is calibrated to be accordant with the simulation results. Principles of RF and Microwave Measurements (Lecture Notes and Experiments for ECEN 4634/5634) by Zoya Popovi´c and Edward F. This wasn't mentioned in the docs but is easily verified: In the above I'm feeding from the splitter into the coupler IN port, a 50ohm load on the OUT port, and measuring the CPL port in channel 1&2. doc. The high power tests are performed on an X-band long pulse HPM source, whose output mode is mainly TM 01 mode, and the results show that the measured power and waveform of the directional coupler have a good consistency with the far-field measuring results. Modeling of directional coupler type hollow waveguide optical switch 2. Toulouse Department of Physics, Lehigh University, 16 Memorial Drive East, Bethlehem, PA 18015, U. I think this might be happening because the aerial impedance doesn't match 50 ohms and the additional capacity shunting the coax is bring this into line. Sep 12, 2017 A polarisation-splitting directional coupler (PDC) is the integrated . DEDI IRAWAN1,2, SAKTIOTO2, IWANTONO2, ERMAN TAER2, JUANDI2. for reflectometer measurements. 1/11. It represents a special type of waveguide coupler and can be used e. The ZFDC-20-5 should work just as well however. The Directional Coupler. For the BS, we used another type of directional coupler with a 6000-μm-long coupling section composed of two waveguides separated by a 6-μm-wide gap. Directivity affects SWR accuracy -- poor directivity means that "forward" power is getting into the "reflected" power port and corrupting the reading. The branch-line coupler splits an incident signal at port 1 evenly between two of the output ports (port 3 and 4). This video describes how a dual directional coupler that is used in an SWR meter operates. As seen in the figure, the coupler is a four-ports device. Directional coupling and switching in multi-core microstructure fibers I. Input and output power measurements were made as fol- lows. FIBRES AVAILABLE. The experiment results and the theoretical analysis are in good agreement, which indicates that in the range of 1–2 GHz, the coupling was approximately −45 dB and the directivity was better than 17 dB. 5MHz to 80MHz directional coupler rated at 750. Directional couplers are passive reciprocal networks, which you can read  4 Experiment Procedure. Experimental Procedure. The way a directional coupler functions can be depicted as shown in Fig. We uphold a consistent level of professionalism, quality, credibility and repair for Directional Coupler Characteristics Experiment, directional coupler characteristics experiment, Directional Coupler, we sincerely invite ambitious individuals and providers to hitch as an agent. The cross directional coupler is an arrangement of two waveguides, which are connected together with coupling holes. To explain the working principle of this coupler, we will first derive design equations for a generalized single-band 3dB 180 hybrid coupler (as shown in Fig. Directional Coupler The directional-coupler design, illustrated in Fig. In this experiment, we focus on directional couplers made of two optical fibers. Key parameters for the design of these structures, Magnetic fields can (theoretically) be created in any configuration that doesn’t violate Maxwell’s equations. The V-band receiver antenna is directly connected to an orthomode transducer (OMT), which separates the received signal into vertically and horizontally polarized components. Mar 20, 1989 Experiments have been performed at Stanford Linear Ac- celerator the directional couplers was measured with tunnel diode detec- tors and a  lations and the experiment. Experiment 2 Microstrip Filters and Couplers Design and Simulation. The diagram shows a UWB source (Port 1) connected to an antenna (Port 2) through a directional coupler of length l. By adding 300pF across the aerial connection and ground the resonance peak became a lot sharper. 2 Quality assurance SHENZHEN ATTEN ELECTRONICS Co. 1f demonstrates that the directional coupler can also be used as a 50/50 power splitter in which half of the spin wave energy is transferred to the second waveguide and half of it remains in the first one. In order to measure the power of the dominant TM01 mode of an X-band long pulse overmoded HPM source, a directional coupler with stable coupling coefficient, high directivity, and high power handling capacity in wide band is investigated numerically and experimentally. Xing, 1,2 U. 5 to 300W covering DC to 43. Wintucky NASA Glenn Research Center, 21000 Brookpark Road, Cleveland, OH 44135, USA Abstract—This paper presents the design, fabrication, and test • Directional coupler (PN W1301911). Directional couplers are used in a wide range of applications which  Radio Frequency and Microwave Engineering. Their prin-cipal application is in monitoring signals simultaneously in both directions. Easy. Here is the directional coupler's datasheet. 5 GHz and evaluated in terms of return loss, isolation, and bandwidth. The microwave system uses so-called X-band components (designed for use in a frequency range of 8-12 GHz). This samples a small amount of power in one direction and then uses a diode to rectify this after which it is applied to a meter. For a 20 dB single section edge coupled line directional coupler, con- structed as a stripline with  I Experiment-7 Directional Coupler. Victor Jones, October 22, 2002 is a wire probe which penetrates into the region adjacent to the center conductor of the "slotted" coaxial line. High-Power Directional Couplers with Excellent Performance That You Can Build Paul Wade W1GHZ©2010 w1ghz@arrl. Fiber Optic Coupler: A fiber optic coupler is an optical device capable of connecting one or more fiber ends in order to allow the transmission of light waves in multiple paths. It describes and demonstrates how voltages are developed that are directly proportional to the forward LAB MANUAL EXPERIMENT NO. The device is capable of combining two or more inputs into a single output and also dividing a single input into two or more outputs. Be sure to completely read the description of each experiment before beginning the experiment. 1 Department of Industrial Engineering, FST, State Islamic University of Sultan Syarif Kasim Riau, Pekanbaru 28282 by exploiting physical phenomena (such as the function of a waveguide directional coupler in microwave circuits in “black-box” representation and the realization of the directional coupler using effects in electromagnetic coupling through holes). c 2002, by Robert Paknys. 1). When line monitoring, for the purpose of power level measuring and VSWR alarms, a directional coupler is used to sample power from the transmission line without altering line characteristics. 1  In addition to efficient transmission, a directional coupler is required in most experiments to monitor forward and reflected power. Lecturer :. So I did the experiment as it says in my text books, just swap the coupler around and take 10*log10 of the power ratio. This will help you to see the overall plan of action, and should decrease the likelihood that you will do the procedure incorrectly, or forget to do part of the procedure. You should learn the function and principle of operation of these devices, including the Faraday isolator, wavemeter, directional coupler, slotted Letter Optics Letters 1 On-chip Rotated Polarization Directional Coupler Fabricated by Femtosecond Laser Direct Writing CI-YU WANG1,2,JUN GAO1,2, AND XIAN-MIN JIN1,2,* 1State Key Laboratory of Advanced Optical Communication Systems and Networks, School of Physics and Astronomy, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Behavior Model for Directional Coupler Y. Good directional couplers are expensive devices, but in many cases lower cost devices can produce good enough results on limited, reduced frequency ranges. A multimode fiber coupler is a useful component for certain optical communication systems such as the optical data bus. Multi Fiber Coupler . For just getting a quick overview, simply read on below. A good video showing use of a directional coupler in a similar experiment and explaining a bit about how one works can be found here. In this workshop we will learn how to characterize directional coupler and waveguide designs by analyzing measurement results and running circuit simulations. The theory is presented in section II. How do I terminate the isolation port to prevent reflections? Frequency Response and Tunability of Grating- Assisted Directional Couplers Giora Griffel and Amnon Yariv Abstract-The spectral properties of grating-assisted direc- tional couplers are studied using an improved coupled mode formulation. Let it be ‘Y’. Kuester updated 2017 by We report experimental results on the coupling properties of a directional coupler made of a single-mode fiber and a multimode planar waveguide. 7) was designed and simulated with ANSYS HFSS according to the parameters listed in Table 3 for use from 4. of a directional coupler may be understood by using the coupled-mode theory which is discussed in chapter 6 of the class notes, and also below. directional coupler characteristics experiment and have the certification ISO/TS16949:2009. There you can learn what a directional coupler is, what it is used for, and how it works. A symbol for power dividers is shown in figure 2. The dual directional coupler is connected to the microwave antenna of the reso-nant cavity with a short type-N cable. Dept. Description: 1. For a static field, unfortunately, this precludes anything that I would consider a ‘beam. Six Experiments in Microwaves. Thus the directional waveguide coupler constitutes an important component in the FILTERING AND MULTI-PORT DIRECTIONAL COUPLERS ABSTRACT Directional coupler is a four-port device that couples the input power at Port 1 to Port 2 (Through Port) and Port 3 (Coupled Port), but not to Port 4 (Isolation Port). The main topic of this article is how to get the most convenient directional coupler for a particular application, at the lowest possible cost. HP 778D input port Josephson Directional Amplifier for Quantum Measurement of Superconducting Circuits Baleegh Abdo,* Katrina Sliwa, S. 4. 2). Principles of Microwave Propagation. Finally, Fig. 1(a), (b) and (c). iv. All four ports are (ideally) matched, and the circuit is (ideally) lossless. Title: Salamo PT-03-26-2009 final The \quadrature" or \branch-line" directional coupler is a four-port device that is similar, in many respects, to the traditional beam splitter used in optics. If power is reflected back from the output port, the ideal directional coupler does not allow any of the reflected power to appear on the secondary line. A square wave signal is applied to the modulator. 4 Principle of the reflectometer Principle of the reflectometer As demonstrated in Experiment 10, incident and reflected waves can be separated with the aid of a directional coupler (here specifically the cross di-rectional coupler). The Univ. directional coupler experiment

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